Future automotive safety applications based on vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication have been identified as a means for decreasing the number of fatal traffic accidents. Examples of such applications are local danger warnings and electronic emergency brakes. While these functionalities inspire a new era of traffic safety, new security requirements need to be considered in order to prevent attacks on these systems. Examples of such threats are forced malfunctioning of safety-critical components or the interference with the traffic flow by means of fake messages.


Secure and trustworthy intra-vehicular communication is the basis for trustworthy communication among cars or between cars and the infrastructure. Therefore, the objective of the EVITA project is to design, verify, and prototype an architecture for automotive on-board networks where security-relevant components are protected against tampering and sensitive data are protected against compromise when transferred inside a vehicle.

By focusing on the protection of the intra-vehicle communication EVITA complements other e-safety related projects that focus on the protection of the vehicle-to-X communication.